Bill Wilkinson P.E., is the owner of Wilkinson Engineering along with his wife Charlie. A graduate of the University of Colorado, Bill raised his two children here in Boulder. Bill has worked extensively as an engineer in Colorado, but has also been licensed in Idaho, Georgia, and Texas. With his many years of residential construction and engineering experience, his background is diverse. Bill has worked throughout the Front Range with his own home construction and design business giving him a deep understanding of both the practical and personal challenges of home building in Colorado. Bill also spent a number of years working as a Project Manager on large scale Super Fund Remediations and remains very sensitive to environmental considerations in all of his work.

Choosing A Solar Compatible Lot

One of the most effective ways to make a house energy efficient is to pick a Southern exposure or an East or West exposure that has a Southern component. The heat from sunshine is absolutely free, and can significantly reduce energy expenses over the life of a house. The simple act of making Southern windows […]

Choosing The Best Rural Lot

There are many choices that must be made before buying a rural lot. Most choices are governed by economics, but a person’s lifestyle and background have an influence as well. Do you want a house that is secluded and private, or one that is spectacular with a view of the plains? Maybe your dream is […]

Locating Your House On Your Land Part 2. Rural Lots: Part 1

Many people want to escape from the city to enjoy the rural lifestyle, and often they find less restrictions on what they can build. When considering a rural subdivision it is always a good idea to drive around to see if you like the types of houses being built there. There are new subdivisions all […]

Building Your Home. Part One:City and Subdivision Lots

When you buy a lot in the city, most of the decisions on locating your home have been decided by the developer, the subdivision covenants, and the city land use regulations. Read all these documents carefully before you purchase a lot to make sure if it will accommodate the house you plan to build. The […]

Why is My House Cracking Up?

In some parts of the U.S. buildings need to be modified because they are in earthquake zones, or they make concessions for hurricanes and tumultuous weather. Here in Colorado we rarely have earthquakes, and never worry about hurricanes, but we do have our own specific building challenges, and one of them is expansive soils. Everyone […]

Welcome to Wilkinson Engineering.

Welcome to Wilkinson Engineering. If you are visiting our site, odds are good that you are building a new home or adding on to your current residence and someone has said, “You need an engineer for that.” But perhaps you’re still wondering, “Why do I need an engineer?” Here are some answers: New Home: If […]

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