Why an Engineer?

Welcome to Wilkinson Engineering. If you are visiting our site, odds are good that you are building a new home or adding on to your current residence and someone has said, “You need an engineer for that.”

But perhaps you’re still wondering, “Why do I need an engineer?” Here are some answers:

New Home

1. If you live in Boulder, Jefferson, Broomfield, or Denver County, a Professional Engineer is required to design the home’s foundation.
2. Roofs often need to be redesigned stronger for Colorado’s wind and snow loads. Building departments have specific requirements depending on where you live.
3. Many areas of Colorado have expansive soils that can swell and break foundations, driveways, etc. If you encounter this type of soil condition, you need to make sure your foundation is designed correctly.
4. Site design. On a new house an engineer will help you to site and/or design your house, septic system, well, driveway, and road to maximize everything from solar energy gain, to drainage issues.

Additions and Remodel

These have some of the same issues as New Home Construction plus:

1. The existing house may not be up to code, and need to be redesigned to meet current criteria.
2. When adding a second story or tying in an addition, the existing house has to be able to structurally accommodate the new construction.
3. Changing the footprint of a house will often compromise existing drainage systems and need to be redesigned.
4. To help you resolve and decide how to deal with the age old question: Is that a weight bearing wall?

Everyday Problems That Call for an Engineer

(Often these are discovered during a home inspection prior to a home sale)

1. Septic system failures (Boulder County requires that septic tanks and leachfields be inspected to identify failed and unpermitted systems before selling a home)
2. Unsafe Decks and Balconies.
3. Faulty drainage systems resulting in water damage.
4. Sagging or slanted floors and ceilings.
5. Cracked foundations and drywall.