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Wilkinson Engineering has had an energy efficient philosophy since it’s inception almost thirty years ago. Because for us Green Building is not a passing fancy, Bill knows from years of experience both as a builder and as a professional engineer, what innovations actually deliver on their promises. Wilkinson Engineering remains in the forefront, always looking at residential building and remodleing from a system prospective. Today there are so many exciting new technologies and products making this a wonderful time to build your personal dream. We’d love to see you from the very beginning of your project because the important decisions start when you decide where to site your house and how to orient it on the land. Those decisions alone will make a huge difference in energy consumption throughout your home’s lifetime. Remember, once the house is built it is there for a very long time! So when you’re ready to start building your own energy efficient, thoughtful, 21st Century home, we hope you will think Wilkinson Engineering.

Shown above are two examples of the Passive Solar Earth Bermed homes Bill Wilkinson and his partner John King built throughout the Front Range of Colorado in the 1980’s. Earth sheltered houses use the constant temperature of the earth surrounding them to mitigate temperature swings, keeping a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Choosing A Solar Compatible Lot

One of the most effective ways to make a house energy efficient is to pick a Southern exposure or an East or West exposure that has a Southern component. The heat from sunshine is absolutely free, and can significantly reduce energy expenses over the life of a house. The simple act of making Southern windows […]

Choosing The Best Rural Lot

There are many choices that must be made before buying a rural lot. Most choices are governed by economics, but a person’s lifestyle and background have an influence as well. Do you want a house that is secluded and private, or one that is spectacular with a view of the plains? Maybe your dream is […]

Locating Your House On Your Land Part 2. Rural Lots: Part 1

Many people want to escape from the city to enjoy the rural lifestyle, and often they find less restrictions on what they can build. When considering a rural subdivision it is always a good idea to drive around to see if you like the types of houses being built there. There are new subdivisions all […]

Building Your Home. Part One:City and Subdivision Lots

When you buy a lot in the city, most of the decisions on locating your home have been decided by the developer, the subdivision covenants, and the city land use regulations. Read all these documents carefully before you purchase a lot to make sure if it will accommodate the house you plan to build. The […]

Why is My House Cracking Up?

In some parts of the U.S. buildings need to be modified because they are in earthquake zones, or they make concessions for hurricanes and tumultuous weather. Here in Colorado we rarely have earthquakes, and never worry about hurricanes, but we do have our own specific building challenges, and one of them is expansive soils. Everyone […]

Welcome to Wilkinson Engineering.

Welcome to Wilkinson Engineering. If you are visiting our site, odds are good that you are building a new home or adding on to your current residence and someone has said, “You need an engineer for that.” But perhaps you’re still wondering, “Why do I need an engineer?” Here are some answers: New Home: If […]

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