Thinking Green

Wilkinson Engineering has had an energy efficient philosophy since it’s inception almost thirty years ago. Because for us Green Building is not a passing fancy, Bill knows from years of experience both as a builder and as a professional engineer, what innovations actually deliver on their promises. Wilkinson Engineering remains in the forefront, always looking at residential building and remodleing from a system prospective. Today there are so many exciting new technologies and products making this a wonderful time to build your personal dream. We’d love to see you from the very beginning of your project because the important decisions start when you decide where to site your house and how to orient it on the land. Those decisions alone will make a huge difference in energy consumption throughout your home’s lifetime. Remember, once the house is built it is there for a very long time! So when you’re ready to start building your own energy efficient, thoughtful, 21st Century home, we hope you will think Wilkinson Engineering.

Shown above are two examples of the Passive Solar Earth Bermed homes Bill Wilkinson and his partner John King built throughout the Front Range of Colorado in the 1980’s. Earth sheltered houses use the constant temperature of the earth surrounding them to mitigate temperature swings, keeping a home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.